Software Development Kit​

Add Visual Intelligence and Story-telling to your application with full control over each module, and how it interacts with your product.

The SDK Modules


Includes APIs for Face Detection, Face Quality ( Smile, Open-Eyes, Head-yaw, Gaze) and Face Recognition (Grouping and Search).  Find all the happy smiling photos of Cloe with Daddy.


Collections are groups of photos which tells a story. Can be based on Persons (requires Face Recognition), Things (requires Curation) or simply based on time and location.


Using advanced computer vision and AI, Curation analyzes photos and updates a DB of meta-descriptors, grouping duplicates, ranking by quality, marking documents and regions of interest in each photo.


Finds the best set of photos based on Curation descriptors and then maps micro-stories to page-spreads.  Using a rules-based algorithm, it then creates page layouts and writes a JSON for PDF rendering.

I Only Need Some Features...

You can license just one, some or all of the modules. Our SDK comes in 4 modules which are designed to work separately and together.

You want to make a family yearbook with highlights of trips and parties of just you, the family and Brutus the dog.

  • iFACE SDK for Face Recognition (to find you and family)
  • Curation (to pick the best shots and the doggy pics)
  • Layouts (to build the book)

You have 5000 layout templates that your users love! You will only be needing:

  • Collections


  • Curation


Our SDK will curate and return page-groupings and the crop zones (regions of interest) of each photo. Your app picks a template from your library and fits the photos we suggest.

You want all the photos of Mr. & Mrs. Smith from Cabin 1001 and make them a book. Then you will only need:

  • iFACE SDK for Face Recognition (to find the Smiths)
  • Curation (to pick the best moments)
  • Layouts (to build the book)

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