4th Generation White Label AI Photo Print App

The most advanced and complete AI Photo Print Mobile App platform today

Faster, smarter, more product variants, more business models and promotional rules. Includes support for multiple-markets, subscriptions and gift cards.

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NPS Score 45%
white label AI photo printing app

A Platform Approach to Print Apps

AI White Label Print App Platform

Native apps quickly become obsolete and impossible to maintain if they cannot talk to other systems or be easily updated from the backend. We architected our Print White Label apps to talk to a middle-ware layer that disintermediates integrations with other systems. This enables us to easily connect and talk to your legacy order management system, payment SDKs, CRMs and shipping calculator APIs if any.

4rd generation AI

Some blur photos are better than other blurs; the same picture taken at night and portrait mode is still the same photo! Our AI curation engine is now even more human-like in removing duplicates and blur.

4th generation Layouts

We also revamped the Layout Engine.  You will never see the exact same layout twice in a book, as every single layout are algorithmically factored in real-time depending on the size of the photo, area of interest, and subject matter.

It’s fast.  It’s elegant. It’s art!

Not only will it never chop off faces, but it also makes sure it does not crop off the main subject of your pictures like pets, buildings, flowers, food…you know what we’re talking ’bout.

Photos, photos everywhere!

Our smart photo-picker enables users to remix photos from Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, iCloud, Dropbox and local storage, then use them in a myriad of products.

photobook or life-sized wall art?

Other than AI-powered photobooks, you can make wall art, magnets, prints and Instagram collage posters.

Powered by AI, handcrafted with love.

AI helps you get started. Next, add love with various layouts, crops, filters, text, fonts and themes.

Convert, Cross-sell, Up-sell

We baked in a powerful native shopping experience which puts you in complete control. From your dashboard, you can upsell, cross-sell, promote your products, run campaigns, and analyze your sales funnel. Payments are all native and in-app. Secure, fast, painless. Choose from leading payment solutions like Stripe, Klarna, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Paypal.

Support multiple markets and products

Support for Multi-markets

With Brexit, what used to be a single big market has become slightly more complicated for our European clients. With the Multi-market feature, our AI Print App platform allows you to setup different shipping rules, promotional discounts and even product catalogs for each market. Here are some examples of how our clients are using this feature:

US, Australia and UK markets

Riding on our fulfillment partners globally, and with just an English language marketing team and website, you can SEO your way to 3 very key markets. We have fulfillment partners in all three markets, and you only need to focus on the marketing. Products will be manufactured and shipped from the facility closest to the destination.

Franchise Model

You own a Pet Shop franchise, and you have franchisees in multiple countries. You already supply pet products to all of them. Now you want to also sell print customized products through our mobile app. Each Franchisee is now a "Market" in our backend, and each one of them can log in and set their own prices, commissions, product mix and promotional messages for each market, or you can maintain central control too.

Different Product Focus

You are a Travel Photographer Blogger with 2M followers. You want to sell coffee table books of your photos in America. But in Japan, you want to sell T-shirts. Now you can from a single platform.

Subscriptions and Gifting

v4.0 allows you to offer your users an even wider range of products; square, portrait and landscape photobooks, all kinds of photo prints, mugs, canvas, posters, phone cases, tote bags and apparels.  Make collages for any surface from a wall canvas to an iPhone case; add text, choose fonts, or pick from a huge library of designer templates.  You can even collaborate with influencers or license IP from Disney and sell premium designs and character stickers on mugs, t-shirts etc.

Most importantly, v4 introduced Subscriptions and Gifts.  Now you can sell Gift Coupons so that customers can gift his buddy a year’s supply of photo prints.  And with subscriptions, you can now create loyalty programs, like One photobook every month, or free shipping on anything.

Print Club print subscription product

Get your store into Pockets

Want to be top-of-mind and always in your user’s pockets?  Want to be right where the camera is?  

But you don’t want to build nor maintain your own mobile app and mobile dev team?



Various types of in-app messages

Relevant, Timely, & Direct Communication

Behavior and Device Activity-based In-App Messaging

The spray and pray approach of sending the same email to everyone is not cutting it anymore. Consumers are inundated and fatigued by promotions.  Send them relevant offers both at the right time, and with the right message and call-to-action.

We debut our “IMP” (Intelligent Messaging Platform) in v3.5 and upgrade it now with even more smarts and capabilities.  It will send messages when it knows you just took 500 photos in Manhatten but actually live in Oakland, CA, or left something in the cart, forgot about a project or your subscription is due for renewals.

If you have not used the app for a while, it nudges you with encouraging messages.  And of course, you can also broadcast your discounts and coupons.  But you can now send different discounts to iOS users (we all know iOS users tend to spend more!) or you can send target promos to a particular market (because Mother’s day in the UK is not the same in Australia!)

Sell global, print local

We can integrate your printer of choice to our platform or leverage our global network of fulfilment partners (we are integrated with over 30 hand-picked quality fulfilment facilities in over 20 countries across five continents).

We have also integrated retail store chains so you can offer click-n-collect to your users.

Start selling globally from day one!

Your very own Mobile App

We have re-designed our white label platform to be easily re-skinned, giving it a look and feel that matches the brand which your users already know and trust. 

Pictures or Photos?  Purchase or Order?  Deliver or Send?  We are even sensitive to your brand voice.

V4 is here and ready for white labelling

Globally Localized

Our AI photobook-making app has been white-labelled by over 20 companies globally, including the UK, USA, Japan, Israel, Europe, China and Canada…  From Shekels’ right-to-left books to Kanji, Alipay, and Kroners, we have been localized globally and globally localized.

Quick time-to-market

Our mobile apps are designed to be white-labelled and configured to be an extension of your brand.  You get a complete business system without having to develop nor maintain it.  Releases are made every Friday, this means your appstore listing is always kept current and active.