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You are a Print Service Provider. Your customers are not growing fast enough.

ORWO FOTO Photo Products Print App

Empower your Customers

You own a print facility.  You have invested in the HP Indigos, all the related finishing and bindery equipment.  You have a few big retail customers and many smaller ones.  The small ones are innovative and growing fast.  But the big ones pays the bills.  You know they can vastly increase their volumes if they only had better front-end software…but alas; they are not entrepreneurs.

Sounds familiar?

Our white-label app program for Print Service Providers (PSPs) immediately puts your retail customer’s “Shopfront” right in the pockets of consumers.  This will boost sales and top-of-mind for them.  Coupled with in-app messaging and a flexible data structure, we are able to integrate with their accounting, products and CRM.

In today’s fast-paced world, people want quick and easy access to services, and a mobile app provides just that.  Our white label mobile app allows your customers to place orders anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

Our AI mobile app-to-print platform allows you to offer a more personalized experience to your customers. They can access their previous orders, receive notifications on order status updates, and receive special promotions and discounts.  This saves them time and effort and reduces customer support load.

We have tailored business models for PSPs to help you provide our white-label app-to-print platform to your B2B customers.  Talk to us!


But wait... I already have a responsive website


Top 4 reasons why a Native mobile app experience outperforms a responsive web app:

Access to device resources: Our native app sits in user’s primary camera.  We know when they take a photo, we know that photo is taken in Paris.  We are able to provide a holistic experience to ensure top-of-mind.

Performance: our native app was built specifically for the operating system and hardware they run on (iOS and Android) and uses the device’s hardware to run complicated AI algorithms which support the user experience.

Offline Access: our native mobile photo print app analyzes and stores the photos locally until you need to put in an order.  Privacy is ensured.  You are able to provide a better service whilst staying GDPR Compliant.

User Experience: As we are now beholden to network conditions, our native photo app provides a slick, intuitive and personalized user experience every single time.

How can my Retail Customers Sell more Prints?

Subscription and Gifts

With our latest v4 release, you can now sell print subscriptions right out-of-the-box using our platform. For a photo retailer, this is loyalty-based revenue on steroids. Now you can create a "Print Club" where users get 30 photos every month, for $30 a year. Or how about $10 every month, for a 20cm Photobook? The messaging, reminders, in-app prompts and even AI-assisted book making are already baked into our system.

Just set it up, and watch it accumulate month-on-month.
Print Club print subscription product
Dashboard-analytics-print app

How can I get to know my customers even better?

Better data tracking and analysis: our white label mobile app to print can provide valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to improve your business. Increase your sales from day one!.

Segment your Products

Our app-to-print platform allows you to first setup ALL of the SKUs that you already support.  We can then white-lable multiple “clones” of the first app for all of your retail customers.  From the dashboard, you are able to segment products for each of them.  Maybe you have a Baby Products retailer.  Book template designs and products that resonates with this customer will of course, be very different for a discount drug chain retailer.

But dont take our word for it!

See what our clients have to say about us!
For a company with the history and clientele Max Spielmann has, we need to work with reliable and supporting partners that understand our business, and has been that partner to us. They are flexible, supportive, and always there when we want to launch a new product or improve our users' experience; Our Mobile native App has a 4.9 rating on the App Store!
-Neil Makinson
Head of online business, Max Spielmann
For a company with the history and clientele MaxPhoto has, we need to work with reliable and supporting partners that understand our business, and has been that partner to us. They are flexible, supportive, and always there when we want to launch a new product or improve our users' experience; Our Mobile native App has a 4.9 rating on the App Store!
-Neil Makinson
Head of online business, Printo

Segment your Users

In-app Messages: Relevant, Targeted, Direct.

The spray and pray strategy of sending the same emails to everyone is damages your brand. Consumers are inundated and fatigued by promotions.  Send the right offer at the right time!

Our App has not one, but TWO in-app messaging integrations: For broadcast and transactional messages, we integrated  Firebase, but for targeted personalized messages, we built our own Intelligent Messaging Platform with specific and personalized messages based on lifecycle and individual user-behaviors.  

IMP sends messages when it knows you just took 500 photos in Manhatten but actually live in Oakland, CA;  or maybe you left something in the cart, forgot about a project or your subscription is due for renewals.

If you have not used the app for a while, it nudges you with encouraging messages.  Now you can send different discounts to iOS users (we all know iOS users tend to spend more!) or you can send target promos to a particular market (because Mother’s day in the UK is not the same as in Australia!)

Various types of in-app messages
PRINTO App-to-print Platform for India

Your very own app-to-print Platform

We will first set up the platform for you, adding all the SKUs you support and dialing in all the specifications of bleeds, print sizes, components and shipping options.

From there, we then re-skin them to fit the brand colors of your retail customers.  Now all your customers will have a state of the art Apps, and all of the apps are integrated to your MIS, Order Management and also product specifications.

We will manage the platform (or you can take over).  Then sit back and watch volumes grow instantly.

Globally Localized

Our AI Native Mobile app has been white-labelled by over 20 companies globally, including the UK, USA, Japan, Israel, Europe, China and Canada…  From Shekels’ right-to-left books to Kanji, Alipay, and Kroners, we have been localized globally and globally localized.

Quick time-to-market

Our webapps are easy to implement with just two APIs.  Easiest and fastest online photobook designer in the market.  Re-skin and go live in hours.  Cart and Photo Upload Modules can be turned on/off easily.