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Baby Elegance is one of UK and Ireland's well-loved nursery brands. Started over 40 years ago with baby booties and still family-owned, they now have over 600 nursery products exporting to the UK, USA, Europe and Asia. Sold through 3 retail stores in Dublin, Ireland and a distribution network of over 150 stores all across Europe, they are now growing their online e-commerce operations and expanding to the Middle East and the USA.

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MOMENTS Photo Print White Label app for Baby Elegance
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When a customer walks-in, we know they are going to have a baby in the next 3 months. We also know that they will be taking a lot of photos but also very busy changing diapers! We sell an average of one baby pram and one mattress to a new Mom...so we have been asking ourselves: what product resonates with our brand values, adds value to the lives of our customers, and yet generates recurring revenue for the company. When we met Terence and his team, we quickly realized: Auto-magically made Photobooks are the PERFECT complement and ticks all the boxes! We want to help our customers preserve and relive these precious MOMENTS without burdening them with cumbersome software.

Gavan Costello, MD Baby Elegance

Learn how Baby Elegance added Photo Print personalization products in just 3 months

Starting from our AI App-to-print native platform, we were able to quickly create the Baby Elegance MOMENTs app with not just the AI smarts, but also the full platform capability of setting up products in multiple markets and currencies, tax treatment and customer management. 

Because Baby Elegance is a nursery products company, they do not have print personalization fulfillment partners.  So they relied on photobook.ai to source, curate and fulfill print products from our globally distributed network of fulfillment partners.  Within 3-months, we were able to get them up and running with a fully customized and branded pair of photo-printing apps (iOS and Android). 

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Delighting Customers

Find out how.

Baby Elegance has demonstrated that they understand their customer's challenges and aspirations. They know that new parents value their time, but also value the precious fleeting memories of watching their new-born grow. To generate recurring and higher TLV, they did not just source in Asia for cheap consumable products to sell. They did not just integrate some print-on-demand APIs to sell photo products. That would not be aligned to their product and company values. They not only carefully looked for meaningful products, but more importantly, a slick and easy to use user interface and product creation flow. They found an elegant solution with photobook.ai 's native mobile apps, and were encouraged by the fact that our apps have consistently scored over 50% in our Net Promoter Score ratings and are 4.9 stars in both app stores.

NPS Score 45%

The right products for the right audience

The App was launched with photo books and wall art products, but looking to the future, Baby Elegance plans to continue adding new designs and products to it, ensuring that it remains relevant and appealing to customers.  “Thanks to the support of Photobook.ai and their extensive partnerships with fulfilment companies globally, adding new products is really straightforward” remarked Louise Costello, Head of Marketing at Baby Elegance.

With the success of their personalized print products, it’s clear that Baby Elegance has found a winning formula for meeting the demands of today’s consumers.


But don't take our word for it!

See what our clients have to say about us!

Working with photobook.ai has been easy and rewarding; they are experts at all things print and apps, and yet savvy about business needs. They studied our brand closely and helped curate exciting fresh products that resonates well with our customers. We have delighted our customers and been getting awesome feedback.
-Gavan Costello
MD, Baby Elegance
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Using AI in photo analysis

Your Very Own Dev Team

Building software is like having babies. The only fun part is in the "making-of"... By using our white-label platform, you immediately get access to a team with over 200 man-years of experience, millions of dollars in R&D, continuous innovation, and an entire system of customizing, maintaining and updating of your app and its products. We continuously update all white-lable apps every Friday, publish to the AppStore almost monthly, keeping your appstore listing fresh, and hence rank better in SEM.

Make our App yours.

Our photo print app platform is designed to be re-skinned, giving it a look and feel that matches the brand which your users already know and trust.  It’s platform is designed to speak to your systems and our network of PSPs. 

It is an entire business solution.  Product marketing, Customer Service, Loyalty Services Management, Order management, product offering configuration…you name it.  

It’s all included.  Everything except the expenses and responsibilities of running a software development department.


No print experience required

They focus on what they do best: delighting their customers.

When Baby Elegance decided they want to have a product to sell to their customers every month, they did not want to start from scratch and go through the process of learning a whole new trade.
By partnering with Photobook.ai, that were able to capitalize on years of technology expertise and a curated print network that is already online and producing flawlessly and efficiently. Photobook.ai works with print fulfilment companies globally who are capable of producing and delivering any order volume with the highest quality standards at the best price, in an eco-sustainable way.

“We aimed to enhance our customers’ experience by providing them with exceptional products. However, managing the fulfilment process was an obstacle to achieving this goal. Thanks to photobook.ai, we can now focus on serving our customers better without worrying about the fulfilment process.”

Matthew O’Sullivan , Dir. of Online Operations at Baby Elegance.

Globally Localized

Our AI photobook-making app has been white-labelled by over 20 companies globally, including the UK, USA, Japan, Israel, Europe, China and Canada…  From Shekels’ right-to-left books to Kanji, Alipay, and Kroners, we have been localized globally and globally localized.

Quick time-to-market

Our mobile apps are designed to be white-labelled and configured to be an extension of your brand.  You get a complete business system without having to develop nor maintain it.  Releases are made every Friday, this means your appstore listing is always kept current and active.