White Label AI powered Photobook App for Android and iOS

White Label App Development

We start from our Albumstory AI Demo App and then customize the user interface, user journey, payments and ordering process. Then we integrate all your systems so that it works as an integrated member of your ecosystem and workflow.

What Goes Into A White Label App?



We integrate your user database and user profile systems. Single Sign On, Login, Accounts, Forgot Password, Billing Address, Shipping Addresses, Order history etc.



Integrate Google Firebase to track and measure user behavior and conversions within the app. You will get your own Firebase profile and login.


Print Rendering​

Caters to your particular print SKU and requirements, from cover jacket renderings, wraps, bleed and crop marks. DPI, Color Space, PDFs or JPEGs? JSON or XML?


Payment Integration​

Integrates with your payment systems or your chosen third party payments solutions provider, including region-specific payments like Boleto (Brasil), Convenience store (Japan), M-pesa (Africa), Stripe.


Print Submission​

Works with your print servers, figuring details like whether to upload print files via FTP, or static IP via AWS? Generating an Order ID, price quotation. We have also HP SiteFlow integrated.


SDK Behaviors​

Our SDK has many parameters. We will help customize for target page counts, photos per page, types of Covers? (focus on People? Landscapes? Flowers?) Inside page blanks? Page numbers on every page? Captions?

Graphical User Interface

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