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Who is is a spin-off from muvee. In 2001, muvee introduced automatic video editing to the world, and in 2005 became the world’s first video editing app company when they integrated Movie Director into the Nokia 7610 (world’s first phone which captures video). The rest is history.

Over nearly 18 years and 26 patents later, muvee acquired deep expertise in storytelling, multimedia and vision technologies and licensed them to smartphone makers globally. In 2020, we focused on removing the same friction present in making photobooks. We realized there weren’t any smart phone apps which can produce a beautiful photobook easily, and yet, the phone is our primary camera! That didn’t make sense at all.

So we set about to build one.

Our first design objective was that it has to run natively on the phone, sans cloud processing. It just didn’t make sense to us that we make users upload 600 photos to the cloud when the camera you use is hypersmart and is sitting in your pocket everywhere you go. Even on the plane ride home from Paris…

We started talking about Albumstory in early 2019 and the industry embraced it immediately. So we started to focus on the business and various verticals, starting with photobooks.

The pandemic years allowed us to finesse our AI, but also build out the required e-commerce platform to better support our client's businesses. We are now poised for explosive growth as we roll out new services in the coming year.

muvee remains the experts in automatic video editing, and are the experts in automatic photobook creation.

Like father, like son, they say…

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