Bespoke Mobile Development

This service is developed for customers who may have very different ideas of how to use our technology, or to apply them to create different products or for different verticals.  They typically already have a very established website or app, wide variety of products and a deep customer list with an IT team and various back-end systems that needs to be integrated into the app experience.

If you have an idea-itch, drop us a line.

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Some examples of candidates for Bespoke Development

Travel + Experience

You may be a cruise-line, destination, theme park or cycling tour operator. We can help you craft your own app and integrate our face recognition and AI SDKs to automatically sort through photos taken by users and make photobooks or other products.


Mass participation individual events from marathons to Spartan Race and Triathlons.  Offering premium photo print products post-event has been going on forever.  But with AI and Face Recognition, we are able to find all of a participant’s photos and even propose various products right after he crosses the finish line, when the euphoria is high.  Not 5 days later.

Team Sports with Helmets

Wearing helmets and face cages in sports like football and cricket renders face recognition unfeasible.  We have computer vision algorithms which recognises jersey numbers and colors, so that we are able to find all photos of No.29 from the Red team.

Case Study: Safari Book App

Perfect Pics are from Kenya.  And we all know Kenya has some of the most beautiful game parks and biggest safari tour operators.  International visitors spend an average of $1000 per night when on a safari, but often go home with a handful of amazing photos amid tonnes of bad ones stuck on their phones.  And they are often not in the shot!  We developed a bespoke app which allows the guide/drivers to take photos of his clients, tag them with names, and continue to take photos of them throughout each expedition, and uploads them to the Cloud.  Our solution then automatically recognizes and groups photos of clients using our Face SDK and automatically creates photobooks for them.  Books are printed overnight and available for pick up at the airport on the way out!  We also baked into the app an affiliate model to incentivize drivers and the travel agency that books the drivers and clients.  So guests go home with a meaningful souvenir (who needs another elephant key-chain?) and drivers make extra income.