Our AI SDKs have been packaged to easily deploy in the cloud. The online solutions run additional algorithms which are too intensive for mobile and will continue to evolve as we support more verticals and use-cases.

Cloud components share many common core technology and can be easily customized, integrated and deployed in different ways for Windows or Mac desktops.


Retrieve and Complete Abandoned Projects

Can you imagine if you were a bakery and a whopping 70% of your customers walks in, pokes around at the bread and walks out without buying it?

That’s what photobook stores are seeing today. (you might see better or worse numbers, but this is the global average)

We think this is $h*t-crazy!

What if you can target these 70% of users whom you have painfully (and expensively) acquired through ads, and show them a completed book?

These users do NOT need a discount coupon, free shipping or free-pages.  


User Journey

Find users who have uploaded at least 30 photos, but never completed designing, or ordered their photo-book.

aiRecap service will return a completed photobook in JSON to you.  You translate the JSON to a format your web-designer of choice understands. 

Send link to user who abandoned the book.  They click on link and sees a completed book in your usual book designer interface, but this time, they are starting from an almost-perfect completed book.  They can add/replace some photos, add some titles and captions, and voila, book is done.