Our AI SDKs have been packaged to easily deploy in the cloud. Our online solutions may run additional AI which are too intensive for mobile.

Cloud components share common core technology and can be easily customized, integrated and deployed in different ways.


Retrieve and Complete Abandoned Projects

Only 30% of users who starts a photobook project eventually orders. There are few businesses where we accept leakage of a whopping 70%! aiRecap is designed to recover lost revenues from segment.

Photo prints are a very low-margin business, but still highly popular. aiRecap can also be used to make a photobook automatically from photo-print orders, offering the opportunity to upsell a higher margin product.

1.Retrieve 2.Propose 3.Convert!

Find users who have uploaded at least 30 photos, but never ordered a book. aiBooks will return a completed photobook expressed in the same book project JSON or XML that you use. Propose this to lost-user through email. They click and preview/edit the book.