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Photo calendars have been a top choice for many seasons among customers looking for personalized photo products. Therefore, it's no wonder that more and more people are searching for calendar-making software or other services that will enable them to create calendars with their own photos and even with reminders of special events. That is why we present to you a list of the best features of the photo calendar creator, which we have picked out based on market observation and our experience.


What is photo calendar software?

What makes a good photo calendar software for mobile?

Photo calendar software is a tool for designing personalized calendars, schedules and timetables by applying users' photos, ready made templates and providing customization options. With a built in editor and professionally designed templates, it makes it easier to visually organize a user's tasks, their own holidays, and special events, as well as decorate the calendar design with personal pictures.

What is a white-label photo calendar creator?

White-label software are complete working software solutions provided by vendors who usually develop, maintain and innovate their products constantly. Such software are typically highly configurable, supporting myriad customers who may have different requirements. The software solution are fully re-branded in terms of its user interface and contents to mimic the brand of the owner, so that it looks as if it were developed by the brand owner.
White label software is the preferred way for medium sized companies to quickly go to market with their print products, from Calendars to Photobooks as it enables them to quickly have a working solution which is tested and already used in the marketplace and yet have control over its operations and look.

9 features to have in a Calendar Software App

Brand new smart photo-picker enables users to remix photos from Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, iCloud, Dropbox and local storage, then use them in a myriad of products.
Wide range of Calendar formats

Although the most popular are the wall calendars, the photo calendar maker should allow the user to configure any calendar type, like a wall poster, spiral bound, or table tent calendar. The more formats and sizes of calendars, the greater the choice for users. Therefore, it is essential that the calendar software mobile app offers sizes ranging from small to very large, portrait and landscape orientation, as well as square or panorama calendars.

Simplified calendar creation

Creating calendars should be simple, fast and fuss-free. No photo calendar creator will gain popularity if it requires too many actions to get a finished calendar ready to be sent to the customer's door. A suitable custom calendar maker should be available online, registration-free, and not trick buyers into downloading anything to their devices.

Easy photos upload

A good photo calendar creator should allow various options for uploading photos, both from social media, external online drives and other devices. Importantly, all photos should be automatically quality controlled to ensure the highest print quality for the final product.

Huge collection of calendar templates

A worth considering photo calendar maker should offer multiple different calendar templates, from classic elegance to summer themed. This means that users should find something for themself if they need to create both a more professional calendar or a great gift for a friend. The best templates should contain more than a calendar grid with national holidays marked and a blank canvas on which the user can add photos. Most clients look for exceptional designs for special occasions. They want to cherish their memories through the beautiful form of their own calendar made with stunning templates.

Unique calendar designs through personalization tools

Consumers love personalization. They want something that has their memories and personality in it. With many kinds of personalization options, users can create calendars that really suit their photos.

Personalized fonts and texts

Many customers want to decorate their own calendars with captions, texts or quotes. It's good if the photo calendar creator contains a rich base of fonts, from which the end customer can choose the style that suits them the most.

Marking important events

Some months are considered more important than others in the eyes of end-users, depending on what occasion they create their photo calendars. Users can obviously set photo collections of their choice to highlight a given month, but that's not the only possibility. Thanks to the professional photo calendar software options, they can also mark their special, own events with additional icons or labels.

Starting at the month of the person's choice

Do the calendars always have to start with January? Of course not! Especially when people can create a personalized design. Using a photo calendar maker, they can keep the year, months, day of the week and date consistent or creatively vary.

The ability to create a photo calendar on any device

While it may seem that the desktop is a primary choice for people when they create a personalized photo calendar, you should not forget about the mobile channels.  Choose a photo calendar software that provides RWD and a mobile-friendly editor. This is the essential factor if you look for a tool with a good UX on every device. When switching from a computer to a smartphone or tablet, the online photo calendar maker should immediately adjust the resolution, images size, as well as scripting capabilities. 

Your very own Mobile app to print

Want to be top-of-mind and always in your user’s pockets?  Want to be right where the camera is?
But you don’t want to build nor maintain your own mobile app and mobile dev team?

We have designed our native mobile app to be easily re-skinned, giving it a look and feel that matches the brand which your users already know and trust.

Any product you can think of

our V4 mobile app to print allows you to offer your users a wide range of products; square, portrait and landscape photobooks, all kinds of photo prints, mugs, canvas, posters, phone cases, tote bags, and we even added Postcards and Greeting Cards, if you can print it we can support it!

Multi-Photo-Single-Surface Products

Multi-image products are traditionally difficult to design on a web-based browser system as many images need to be picked and dragged into “photo-wells”.  This is tiresome for the average user.

A mobile-forward experience is naturally suited to such products as the mobile phone is where users typically also have their Instagram and Facebook accounts logged in always.  Such photos from social media are also already down-sized, hence making them unsuitable for printing anything larger than a 4×6. However, when they are laid out into a hyper-collage, you can now sell large wall art, or small photo strips.  This allows app owners to introduce products across the entire price range from a $1 photo strips, to $100 life-sized wall decor!
Making Instagram Posters on mobile

Realsense Product Simulation Previews

Do you know how large 60×40 inchs is compared to your living room wall?  Will it look comically small or too large?

We have taken the guesswork out by implementing Realsense Preview for all products from table-top coasters to life-sized wall art.  This has consistently tested well to increase conversion rate, especially for large wall art.

Globally Localized

Our AI photobook-making app has been white-labelled by over 20 companies globally, including the UK, USA, Japan, Israel, Europe, China and Canada…  From Shekels’ right-to-left books to Kanji, Alipay, and Kroners, we have been localized globally and globally localized.

Quick time-to-market

Our mobile apps are designed to be white-labelled and configured to be an extension of your brand.  You get a complete business system without having to develop nor maintain it.  Releases are made every Friday, this means your appstore listing is always kept current and active.