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Wanted: SaaS Developer

“Life is too short to write code that no one uses.”
– anonymous wise guy (must be a software engineer)

Who are we?

We are an “old startup”.  We recently spun-off from muvee, one of the pioneering global software startups from Singapore.  muvee invented automatic video editing in 2002, garnering 26 patents in the process…and now we at are bringing all that smart storytelling goodness to automate the creation of photobooks.  Our SDK currently powers photobook companies in the US, UK, Belgium, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Kenya and South Africa.  Next stop, China, Germany and Korea! So yeah, we are kind of global. We are just missing JB, Bintan, and Batam. #sarcasm

The code we write typically gets pre-installed on gazillions of mobile phones (500m and counting).  Not bad for a bunch of geeks coding from the little red dot.

Who are you?

You are an SaaS (whatever buzzword floats your boat) aficionado.  Each morning as you brew your coffee, you subconsciously map out solutions of all the unique flavors in your JSBeans which you quantize into diagrams, then pave solutions along your way, still sleepy-eyed to the washroom, then mentally code for the feature to your dreary office.  When you arrive, you avoid passing your boss by calling your mental architectures and calculation algorithms whilst you are in your own world, with noise-canceling headphones, shutting your mind from the world’s chaos as you find escape in Node tech talks, Noisecore, Neumann, or whichever samples of n.

Like the ever-evolving realm of an unkempt git repo, you are constantly curious and always learning new stuff, finding patterns, repeats, short-cuts, and even new languages and techniques.

Bonus level unlock

You will definitely score deep respect if you can work with Alicloud, ReactJS, play 3 musical instruments, are a photography enthusiast, are a soccer-mom with 2 kids, with pink-hair, tats+piercings and don’t need to sleep…ok, it’s highly unlikely we will find all the above in a single freak, but hey, prove us wrong!


You will be a part of a growing SaaS team that centers around developing solutions for print management, image rendering, and photobook-making, amongst other services.  You will be fully immersed in product discussions and help build regional/global solutions for communications between frontend platforms, other backend services, AI technologies, printers, and their clients.

Our customers rely on our solutions to radically speed up their workflow in various verticals, including school-yearbooks, sports photography, wedding studios, safaris, theme parks and plain old regular iPhone photography on a trip to wherever…

We always hire smart people we can mold, so various levels are being considered for this position.


Familiarity and expertise in the following areas or domains:

  • Primarily NodeJS, RESTful API
  • AWS services (Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, EC2, S3)
  • Serverless architecture
  • SaaS solutions and architectures

Super-curious Bachelor’s Degree level candidates in Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics with interest and experience in image processing can also apply.

You will be working closely with a team of very experienced software engineers who are willing to share and mentor you.

Other details...title, hours, benefits...

We believe in finding the right person; everything else is negotiable.  You can have any title you want, we don’t care for “ranks” so you can call yourself the Chief SaaS Monkee, or simply “The Caffeine Filter Dude/Dudette”.

In Singapore, we work out of a large private WeWork office at City House (opposite Lau Pa Sat). But we are looking for someone in Bandung to work at BLOCK71 (Jl. Ir. H. Djuanda) with the rest of the SaaS team.

Hours are flexible.  We are even open to hiring mothers who need to work from home a few days a week, but want to keep current and practice their craft!

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