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Computer Vision Geek​


You are a computer vision/image processing/AI (whatever buzzword floats your boat) aficionado. Each morning as you brew your coffee, you subconsciously equalize a mental histogram of all the unique flavors in your JavaBeans which you quantize into buckets, then edge-detect your way, still sleepy-eyed to the washroom, then mentally solve for a vector of lowest-cost commute to your dreary office. When you arrive, you avoid passing your boss by calling your mental face-detection and gait-recognition whilst you are in your own world, with noise-canceling headphones, shutting your mind from the world’s chaos as you find escape in Chopin, Coltrane or Cantopop…or any other flavors of C…

You speak a bunch of languages, but really, we don’t care. Like a TensorFlow model, you are constantly curious and always learning new stuff, finding patterns, repeats, short-cuts, and even new languages and techniques.

Bonus level unlock

You will definitely score deep respect if you speak Japanese and Russian, play 3 musical instruments, are a photography enthusiast, are a soccer-mom with 2 kids, with pink-hair, tats+piercings and don’t need to sleep…ok, it’s highly unlikely we will find all the above in a single freak, but hey, prove us wrong!


You will be our key go-to person/team for computer vision, and AI related image processing, classification work. You will be fully immersed in product discussions and help propose methods to gain a deeper understanding of images that consumers capture to help choose the right highlights which will be shortlisted for a photobook or collage.

Our customers rely on our algorithms to radically speed up their workflow in various verticals, including school-yearbooks, sports photography, wedding studios, safaris, theme parks and plain old regular iPhone photography on a trip to wherever…

We always hire smart people we can mold, so various levels are being considered for this position.

Skills and Requirements

Ph.D. or Masters Degree level training in the following areas or domains:
  • Image Processing, Image Processing, and Image Processing
  • Artificial Intelligence/Data Processing/Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Face Recognition, Face Detection
  • Feature Extraction
  • Character Recognition
  • Object detection and identification

Super-curious Bachelor’s Degree level candidates in Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics with interest and experience in image processing can also apply.

If you have software development experience, great! If not, you will learn it in no time as you will be working closely with a team of very experienced software engineers who are willing to share and mentor you. Perks

  • Top-notch work equipment (MacBook, Large screen, headphones, etc.);
  • Enjoy complimentary fresh fruit water, micro-roasted coffee, and tea, or prep your lunch with refrigerators and microwaves;
  • Friday after-work drinks at the office;
  • An exceptionally bright, talented and fun bunch of colleagues, hailing from more than 12 countries!
  • The onsite service team is here for you throughout the workweek, from front-desk service to personalized support and mail handling.
  • Soundproofed phone booths to provide comfortable sanctuaries for conducting private calls and video chats.
  • Every floor has its own library-inspired space stocked with a business-class printer, office supplies, and paper shredder.
  • Work with us and build the automated photobook creation company of the future! is an equal opportunity employer. If you think you meet these requirements, apply! We look forward to your application letter and resume.

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