Is AI necessary for photobook apps?

Our customer wanted to get to the bottom of the perennial question:  Is AI necessary for photobook apps?  Or is it merely a marketing gimmick?  Do consumers really appreciate it?  So they funded a survey and asked their userbase a bunch of questions.  They have kindly shared the detailed responses with us, and the infographic summarizes the key insights.

Here are some insights that caught us by surprise:

81% of them required less than 10 changes to get to a finished book

This validates our belief that if AI should not get in the way, but rather be an invisible assistant to help fix the most common tasks like getting the story-flow right.  Getting the framing right.  Let the user do the rest and make it their own.


For 28% Of Them, AI Was PERFECT.

A whopping 28% said that AI was spot-on with the photos that were chosen.  When we set out to develop this, we never thought AI was meant to be perfect.  It should get you started, not finish the book for you.  However, we are pleasantly surprised that for almost a third of the respondents.  It was perfect.


AI is the future  

After using the App and experiencing AI convenience, respondents were asked to rank how if AI is really necessary for a photobook app?  The overwhelming response was “Necessary“; only 1% felt they didn’t need it at all, and 22% thought it’s a nice-to-have.  


87% were unequivocal in needing AI help.
Is AI necessary for photobook making