Fotoklok of Sweden releases Remoment built on the platform

The Remoment Apps marry cutting edge AI with Swedish simplicity to books

We are very pleased to be given the opportunity to develop the photobook mobile app for Fotoklok, one of the most popular photo personalization online store.  Fotoklok is known for having the most advanced photobook creation online store in Sweden and already uses AI technology from for it’s online store to automatically auto-flow and layout photobooks.
Remoment mobile photobook automatic creation app

The Remoment App uses AI to automatically create photobooks and offer them in 3 page-count options, ranging from a minimum 20 page book, to a higher page-count option which will layout photos more sparsely.  It also creates a “middle-option” which balances the price-point and the layout density of photos.  These are all done automatically using advanced AI algorithms with the singular aim of helping users navigate the myriad of options typical of embarking on a photobook project.  By creating three page-count options, users can quickly see how a 20-page book vs a 60 page book will look like with a particular set of photos.  All in a single click.

With the coming Version 3.4 upgrade, Remoment will also have  downloadable photobook Covers.  This system was specially developed to enable aiBook app operators to be able to keep their photobooks fresh by releasing new cover designs painlessly without the need for new app releases.

Remoment already ships with a rich collection of over 20 beautifully simple book covers which the Swedes are known for.  Users can look forward to being able to download additional Cover designs frequently as all covers can be published remotely from the App Command Center.  This system ensures the initial downloadable size of the app remains small, reducing app install friction.

Additionally, added Klarna Pay support to the app, removing all purchasing friction.  Klarna is the most popular mobile payment method in the Scandinavian region, and increasingly in Western Europe.  It features the ability for customers to either Pay Now using the usual Credit and Debit card brands, but also a Pay Later allows users to defer payment with no additional interests.

The Remoment Apps are now available for download directly from the Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore for free for Swedish and Danish users.  Users can design, order and also pay directly in the app with Apple Pay and Google Pay.