Setting up QuikPrints UX​

QuikPrints is an alternative product ordering user interface designed for fast ordering of multiple copies of multiple items of the same SKU. Classic photo prints like the 4×6″, polaroids etc are examples of such products.

This interface can also be called upon to be used for low-cost magnets, stickers, playing cards, memo-cards, and coasters.

It also supports products with overlays and masks (like Polaroids, Prints with borders, heart-shaped magnets). 


QuikPrints GUI

How to set up Quik Print


Go to your GPS Products Sheet, find the rows where the Print product is, and select printType = quikprints in the drop-down selector for that product.



QuikPrints Selector

STEP 2: (Optional refinement)

We added an extra field to fit the tight space in the Title area of the screen. Now you can give your product a longer name in the main description (“10er Premium HD Gloss Prints”), but set it up with a short-name version  (“10er HD”) which would fit in the title bar when in a QuikPrints screen.

This shorter-name will appear with the auto-generated [Qty:nn]  So we find ~10-characters seem to be the max.   We cannot say for sure as it depends on user’s Text-Size settings, screen aspect ratios etc.  So the more characters you use, the higher risk that more users will see a concatenated product title in this screen.

To add this short-name: 

  • Go to the your OC (Products) Sheet and find the column “meta_title”, and enter short-name here
  • Remember to do so for all languages
Adding Meta-title